Sunday, June 14, 2009

been so bz tired and weak

well, as the above, i hav been so bz lately...and meetings here and there..and im still on my progress doin my EP.releasing soon..just far already 3 songs.i wanted to have 5 or 6 only...erm.....wat else been hapeing ya???erm...ya meeting with syabrenna, the daughter of mayor of kk. for her wedding yang terpaling of the year...mau 1million semua costs u know.gila im on of the crew, as the floor manager....weding planner dari KL yang buat all the kerabat2 and most of the artist (mawi/etc )...shiping lagi all the materials...tertelan i liur see the preparations.anyway, once in a lifetym tho....why not.if i hav the money, ill do the same, but wdding planner gna be myself,my own event company.hehahahha....susah ni org event, kalau kawin..( bukannya mau kawin lagipun) (kan?)

ok talk back to the main point...exhausted, and so weak lately...hpely it heals and atlest decreasing....mau sikit sdah hair berfikir..erm

i ngantuk
so to be cont...lagipun all my material with c chng2...lama da minta burn all the picturs, atlst ble jga yall bca2 and got some idea ka apa....eermmm...kan.

bah.gdnite chows.....

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