Tuesday, September 1, 2009

some more pict

bina insan guru...big....cant believe till now..me? teacher? duhh

picture to share....

ok..ok...superduper long to the maximum update...sory2 ( like adalah yang kesah kan?) hehehhe

well....i really dont know where to start again now....sudahlah nda tau berblogblog ni...mysis punyalah hebat blog diorng...chaitt.... www.mamayiyen.blogspot.com and si chng2 pun...seh..apa..sudah tu...nanti aku link kan k.........
ok real thing....ada a few events that i involved with....and ada juga gambar2....nanti di rumah i uploadlah..k...(grabbb)...actualy im at school ni...sk.tuarid taud keningau..ada gambar juga..nanti upload juga ...later...., and tengah doing this PBS some sort of, experiencing the experience in school,in teacherhood ( can i use that )....like that la...lebihkurang...funny 1st time sampai school, and tgk budak2 panggill cikgu etc...
ok...ill cont later....hehehhehe..... to be cont

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

playing tennis again..yeahhh

im back with my love of all time sports, tennis..punya out all the balls tapi i guess geting better soon, ull see. i got friend who an ex KL champion, so ada juga tlong2 ajar....and its one of the A MUST subject...i hope getting my SLR soon to actually i can always take picture and update with more color here in my so called aurablog * duhh....youtube pun xboleh browse here..choi betull mau upload lagu and vid pun xdpt..well, back to tennis, ill update to u guys soon...k...ZZZzzzZZZzzzZzz

super too long update

well to begin, i got the KPLI, and ill be teacher soon..( i am still seeking why? ) not a last choice or what, not even to say terpaksa, i think its stable and an easy but not that easy job too.... i guess the financial is the main criteria tho...
anyway...i registered and for the whole 1 week, i was super f'in tired and duperly exhausted...i was still are actually.....now the 2nd week means i got another 5months plus before doin my practical/practikum, and another few months after that to grad and posting...some few updates, i felt like a student again, and i got claesses, got all the ko'k things, a here and there things.....i was appointed as the orchestra director and some few more big role here in IPGM ( institut pengajian guru malaysia ) keningau campus.......well, luckily got wifi here...some adik senior been so greatfull to lead and help sikit2.....talking about my social?bah, keningau bah ni....fhm2 lah...not saying yang im into that but i guess some moments i would like to express and release it....so i do most of my time classes, resting and plan wat to do next... i miss home as in everything...but lifes has to carry, and carry and carry on right? so i guess seems to be ok so far, so good.......i miss AUdri ( my lil niece ) and my persians at home...hope theyll do good there.....miss my morning there..peacefull home sweet home.....my mom and dad...my nieces nephew....i miss being responsible with all of my parents tasks, daily tasks.....dont know wat to say tho....im adapting, stablizing and coping up with the new i may say, super duper the other side of me now.....new life....gdnyt..soon, ill be upating again...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

been so bz tired and weak

well, as the above, i hav been so bz lately...and meetings here and there..and im still on my progress doin my EP.releasing soon..just wait..so far already 3 songs.i wanted to have 5 or 6 only...erm.....wat else been hapeing ya???erm...ya meeting with syabrenna, the daughter of mayor of kk. for her wedding yang terpaling of the year...mau 1million semua costs u know.gila eh....so im on of the crew, as the floor manager....weding planner dari KL yang buat all the kerabat2 and most of the artist (mawi/etc )...shiping lagi all the materials...tertelan i liur see the preparations.anyway, once in a lifetym tho....why not.if i hav the money, ill do the same, but wdding planner gna be myself,my own event company.hehahahha....susah ni org event, kalau kawin..( bukannya mau kawin lagipun) (kan?)

ok talk back to the main point...exhausted, and tired..im so weak lately...hpely it heals and atlest decreasing....mau sikit sdah hair berfikir..erm

i ngantuk
so to be cont...lagipun all my material with c chng2...lama da minta burn all the picturs, atlst ble jga yall bca2 and got some idea ka apa....eermmm...kan.

bah.gdnite chows.....

kasakazan do bambazon

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

zee avi ( malaysian ok) making big name in america

her name is ZEE AVI

Zee Avi (born Izyan Alirahman,also known as KokoKaina; b. 1986) is a Malaysian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and ukulele player. She was born in Miri, Sarawak, on the island of Borneo. She moved to Kuala Lumpur when she was 12.She studied fashion design at American InterContinental University in London.

Avi originally posted a video of her first song on YouTube because one of her friends had missed her first performance in Kuala Lumpur, so she created a video on YouTube for him to watch. He convinced Avi to leave the video up, and soon she received positive feedback, which inspired her to put more videos on YouTube.After she was featured on YouTube, she was signed by Brushfire Records, which is partly owned by Jack Johnson.Her song "No Christmas For Me" is featured on Brushfire Records's 2008 Christmas album This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday. Her single "Bitter Heart" was first to become available on the US iTunes store, and her full self-titled debut album was released on May 19, 2009. On the day of her album's release, YouTube featured her on the front page in Spotlight: Music Tuesday. She is currently touring the United States.

Her song, "Monte" was featured in the second season finale of Private Practice.

link : Zee Avi - Live from and above the Solar Powered Plastic Plant

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hG6TaPc19vQ <<<<<

another astounding artist, a malaysian born. damn good!!!

ingrid michaelson

Michaelson was born to artistic parents. Her father is composer Carl Michaelson and her mother Elizabeth Egbert is a sculptor and the Executive Director and President of the Staten Island Museum. Michaelson took up piano at age five, and trained until seven at Manhattan's Third Street Music School, continuing for many more years at the Jewish Community Center of S.I.'s Dorothy Delson Kuhn Music Institute. While there she met vocal coach Elizabeth McCullough, who worked with her through high school.[5] She is a graduate of Staten Island Technical High School and Binghamton University, where she received a degree in theater.[5] Her time at Binghamton is both mentioned in and the backdrop for the song, "The Hat." She grew up doing a musical theater group called "Kids On Stage". Later in life, she became a director until she decided to pursue her career in music.

On September 10, 2008, she opened for Dave Matthews Band's Stand Up for a Cure charity show at Madison Square Garden. Her set included "Die Alone", "Breakable", "Overboard", "Be OK", "The Way I Am", "Locked Up" and covers of "Ice Ice Baby" and the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She closed her set with a solo acoustic performance of "Over the Rainbow" in tribute to the late DMB saxophonist LeRoi Moore.

In the fall of 2008, she opened for Jason Mraz on his Europe tour, touring in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany and France amongst others.

linkssss : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJOzdLwvTHA

ow man.....memang terbaek ni.sngat lah i heart.....

some great songs..actually almost all of her songs memang i heart.
-The Way I Am
-You and I
-giving up
-keep breathing

damn shes good!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

binggo awarded as The 1st Subscriber

so Binggo...i announce you..The !st subscriber of myblog....jeng jeng jeng..........
( kirim salam anak buah aku and bapanya ) grabbbb